White Jeep Wrangler Willy With Hardtop For Rent in Puerto Rico

Featuring Added Space For Comfort

White Jeep Hardtop Willys for Rent in Puerto Rico

This is a convertible Jeep Willys Hardtop with a removable top that you are able to keep on or remove at your leisure. Our Jeep Willys come with upgraded large tires to be able to withstand the bumpy Puerto Rico terrain, rainforest, and beaches with ease. You are able to truly get lost in this beauty and have the full island experience with our premium Jeep Willys rentals.

Our rentals all come with unlimited tolls throughout the island, unlimited miles, and an additional driver! No hidden fees. No deposits. Enjoy what you pay for and go beyond the limits with our Jeep Rentals in Puerto Rico!

Unleash Your Inner Adventurer
With A Jeep Willys Hardtop

Unparalleled Open-Air Adventure: Unlike any other car, the Willys boasts a removable canvas top and folding windshield, fully immersing you in the island’s sights and sounds. Imagine cruising with the Caribbean breeze in your hair and breathtaking coastal views unobstructed.

Superior Off-Road Capability: The Willys comes with impressive features like high ground clearance, sturdy axles, and often larger tires than standard Jeeps. This makes it a true off-road beast, allowing you to tackle rugged terrain, conquer hidden beaches, and truly explore the wild side of Puerto Rico.

Nostalgia & Heritage: Jeep Willys carries a legendary lineage, evoking the spirit of adventure and freedom. Renting one in Puerto Rico lets you experience a piece of automotive history while creating epic memories of your own.
Distinctive style: The Willys’ minimalist design, exposed elements, and classic Jeep grille make it a head-turner on the road. Prepare for envious glances and curious conversations with fellow adventurers.

Willys stands out compared to other Jeeps by offering the most extreme open-air experience and superior off-road capability. This makes it ideal for true adventurers seeking a unique and immersive way to explore Puerto Rico’s hidden gems.

However, if you prioritize comfort, cargo space, or family compatibility, a Wrangler or Gladiator might be more suitable.


Jeep Gladiator Back Seat View
A White Jeep Wrangle Unlimited Parked At The Beach


Jeep Gladiator Back Seat View
A White Jeep Wrangle Unlimited Parked At The Beach

Start Your Unforgettable Adventure Today!

No Deposits

No need to drop a hefty deposit to rent our jeeps! Our flat rate is the only fee you will pay!

We Deliver + Pick Up

Our hassle-free check-in and check-out jeep rental process makes us an island favorite. 

We Refuel For You

No need to refuel your Jeep before you return it. We’ll fuel up for you and only charge local market rates! 

Unlimited Tolls

Don't worry about toll fees, our all-inclusive jeep rental pricing includes unlimited tolls throughout PR!

Our Customers LOVE Us!

Outstanding service! We used Beep Beep Jeep for our recent visit celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary. Hassle free pickup at the airport, we were loaded and gone within minutes. These guys knew it was our anniversary and filled the back seat with balloons, a bottle of wine, and chocolates (nice touch). The jeep was super clean inside and out, we had no issues at all with the vehicle, it was practically brand new!

Casey Roberts


I’m blown away with Beep Beep Jeep! The most stress free, easy and accommodating rental experience ever!!! Brand New 2023 Jeep stocked with waters, snacks and beach supplies for adventures! Hands down the ONLY rental service I’ll use when visiting Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 Thanks so much Beep Beep Jeep!

Cassia Gardner


While we were in Puerto Rico we rented a jeep from BEEP BEEP JEEP and not only did they go above and beyond providing the best service I’ve ever had renting a vehicle BUT I got to play the duck game. They BROUGHT us the jeep the next morning, yeah you read that right, they brought it to us! It was extremely clean inside and out, then they came back and picked it up two days later. Thanks beep beep jeep!!

Barbara Pennington


This experience was pleasant and very convenient. We put the top down and road down the coast in our yellow jeep . We even were given snacks and a little duck . Thank you Beep Beep Jeep for a 5 star experience!!

Guelmarie Santos


Do You Rent Multiple Cars?

Yes, we can rent out multiple vehicles, but not to the same person. One car per person. For example, if you want to rent three Jeeps, you would need three different drivers info and driver licenses to complete the rental. 

Does It Cost Extra For Additional Drivers?

Nope! We simply need each drivers state ID. 

Where Do I Pick Up My Jeep Rental?

All of our vehicles are delivered in the San Juan metro area. You will select where you would like your car delivered during the rental process! 

Is There An Age Requirement?

18 is the minimum age for our Jeep Rentals in San Juan Puerto Rico.

What Is The Jeep Rental Deposit Amount?

We do not charge rental deposit fees for any of our rental jeeps! At Beep Beep Jeep, we want you to focus on enjoying the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico, not hidden fees and deposits. 

Do You Accept Debit Cards?

Yes, we accept debit cards and most major credit cards.